Happy Halloween!Trick or Treat! I love Halloween! But a lot of people prefer different Holidays! If you prefer a different Holiday or like Halloween tell me what Holiday, and why that Holiday! A lot of people like Christmas because of the presents, a lot of people like thanksgiving cause they get to see their family and spend time with them, a lot of people like Valentines day cause they get to get and give friendly and/or love note to other people, I can come up with loads more but for know I am going to move on. Do any of you have pets? If you do, do you dress them up for Halloween or do put them in pet shows? I don’t do neither but I wish I could my dog just doesn’t behave that well. My cat’s are out door cat’s so they don’t like things put on them! We one time got a collar for our cat cause he like’s to run away, and a couple days later some one found his collar in their yard and gave it back to us! We never tried to put something else on him! He is a crazy cat! Some of you may know my cat he walks the New River Valley trail all the time! He love following people! If you ever walk the New River Valley trail he is a grey cat with a white chest and white spots on his paws and he answers to little poof, or just poof, and some times even pootie! that is it for today’s blog but I will try to post again tomorrow bye-bye!




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Why? WHY!

My cat Poof got hit by a car and you should know if not go to to my pages and look worst day ever. Well his sister Tiger is very upset about it so all she did today was cuddle with me. I feel really bad for her. I am upset to, but I will not let it show. She is always look for him, always pretending he is still there and it is just very sad watching her act that way. Why? Why did he have to get hit by a car!?

I am going to change the subject know. I went Trick or Treating on the Pulaski Treat Trail. I got so much candy my Bucket started to break so I had to dump it into a bag then the bag started to break so we didn’t get to Trick of Treat any more. WHY! WHY! Every person in this world would want more candy not just me or my brother! I bet one of you that is from California want’s more candy then what you got. I bet one of you from……….. New York want’s more candy then what you want. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!


If any one feels bad for my cat in the first paragraph tell me.

If any of you agree with me in the second paragraph tell me. 


Worst day ever!

Yesterday was horrible and cause of that my day today is pretty bad. Yesterday someone ran over my cat. Little Poof, if you don’t know who Little Poof is visit my pet blog! My pet blog is called, Sarah’s pet blog. I really miss him. When I was sad I relied on him to make me happy. When I was he would cheer me up but know he is gone. His sister Tiger isn’t sure where he is so she is sort of upset. All of us are. It is hard loosing a pet but you just have to look at the bright side of things, you still got cuddle with him, you still got to play with him, you still got to listen to him purr. I will miss him and want him to know that. I just think it is better where he is know. Maybe he misses me maybe he doesn’t. I will never know. Those of you out there who have lost pets that they really really loved and cherished I know how you feel.


I really loved my cat but know he is in a better place. Maybe I will get to see him again and maybe I will not. Either way I love him and will always cherish him.


Those of you who have had a loved pet die please tell me what to do to my mind of him. Or tell me how to feel like he is still with me. Thank you.

Fire Prevention Day!

Fire prevention day is very important! Oh, and it’s a lot of fun! I usually get to ride in a fire truck in the the Pulaski parade on a Blacksburg truck! Only because, my dad work at a fire station in Blacksburg! My favorite part is eating the stew they give to every one before the parade! I don’t get to ride in a fire truck this year because my church started a girl scout like thing called American Heritage Girls. There is also one for boys called Trail Life. It is fun, but…. I rather ride in a fire truck! Oh and I am pretty sure I will not get to eat stew! If any one has ever ridden in a fire parade on or off a fire truck tell me! Also one more thing if you are actually reading my post’s tell your friends about me please. I have only really gotten mean comments! It’s also okay if you don’t like me and only read my post’s so you can make fun of them, I am used to it, I have had some really mean friend’s before.



I really really hope you guys like my post’s, but if not that is okay too! I just don’t like posting thing’s without knowing if you like me or not. So if you are comfortable telling me if you or if you don’t like me and/or my post’s. Any way thank you for reading this bye now!


This weekend I had two dance recitals and one dance rehearsal. Friday we had the rehearsal, Saturday we did group dances, and Sunday we did solo’s. I don’t know if any of you know the song that I did my solo to it is called YouSay by Lauren Daigle. If you know the song please feel free to comment down below and tell me. My sister danced to Flares she forgot who it is by though, next year I want to do Reckless Love by Cory Asbury. Yet again if you know the song feel free to comment down below, And if you have a different idea tell me! I would love to hear your suggestions! The person that comes up with the best song I will ask my dance teacher if we can dance to it as a group! So please do leave good song suggestions down in the comments! I bet my dance teacher would love to hear gospel like songs! Bye for today!

Almost punctured both of my shoulders!

Saturday night I had a friend spend the night with me. Sunday she went to church with me after church we came back home we had a lot of fun! We are both dancers and so we wanted to make up a dance together and while we were doing so I fell and landed on my shoulder and almost punctured it!

The next day (Monday) I went to acro and I had to do a back shoulder roll, so I did it on the shoulder that wasn’t injured every one had to do a back shoulder roll in a circle and when we did I was in the back every one was pushing me to the back of the mat I did my shoulder roll but my shoulder was on the edge of t he mat and my shoulder just slipped right off the mat and I slammed it on the hard wood floor and almost punctured it!

Today (Tuesday) Both of my shoulders are really purple and all bruised up and you can see where I almost had them punctured.


I am going to Williamsburg next week for a home school field trip. For those of you who don’t know what Williamsburg is, it is a history place where you can do things that people did back in historic times, like Ox rides and other fun and cool things we will be staying for a week from Monday through Friday! It will be so much fun! Of course I will tell you guy’s and girls about it when I get back!

















uch fun! I cannot wait!