January start off

I started new years off by going to neighbors house. her son was there. Her son is like 33 and plays music his name is Dylan Galvin. He put on a mini concert for us! We got to play with her dog winston and higgins or how my brother says it haygins. In acouple of days i am going to my bffs birthday party!


Bye guys hope you had a merry Christmas!



I got season passes for dollywood so I get to go often. I like going to dollywood with my family because I like the fact that I get to ride roller coasters my favorite roller coaster is thunderhead. Me and my dad like to ride tennessee tornado. tennessee tornado goes upsidedown 3 total times but that doesnt bother me. Roller coasters are so much fun I don’t know what I would do with out roller coasters! I have been going to dollywood since I was 0 years old and I am 10 years old now! My first favorite ride is thunderhead and then tennessee tornado and then Fire chaser express. There is also a plase in dollywood That has a ton of fair rides and my favorite is dissy disk. Dollywood is about three hours away from me because it is in tennessee and I live in Virginia. Dollywood is a fun amusement park for babys kids teens and even adults! My mom and dad both love it there! So if you have never been to dollywood you should totally go! A really good adult ride is the wild eagle I have never rode it but my dad loves it so much. Dollywood also has a ton of good places to eat so you dont even have to pack lunch. Dollywood also has places where your kids can get face paint I have never got it done thow. So thats that that is all I can tell you besides there is a place coming out in dollywood in 2019!


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Every day.

Every day when my mom works my sister baby sits me and my 7 year old little brother. My mom wakes me my sister and my brother up 10 minutes later she leaves. My sister always waits until 10:00 AM before she says ” Go do school.” I have a sad and lonely desk in the corner. My brother has a desk near my sisters.


In school every day I like to do Math last. Only because I suck at math. I have a terrible time doing math. I used to do it on paper but know I do it on computer. I find it a little harder to do paper. I do not now why it is easier my brother does wonderfull on paper.

Every day I do math last. Every day I am going to math last.

Good morning.

Today I am going to 4H. 4H is like in a real school’s 4H but its for home school students. I am a home school student. Today in my 4H I am doing pictures. I get to use a real camera instead of a phone. I get to use any thing that takes photos! Me and my sister and my brother are all doing it even tho it is my 4H. So I am the only one that should be doing it. Why my brother and sister want to do it I don’t know. So today I am just going to go and see what happens because two weeks ago we were going to learn about it and today we were going to take the pictures so I don’t know.

good night

Its 9:08 pm. My dad is still not home from work I am sad he is not here yet like always. He works as a fire fighter but it is in blacksburg. Blacksburg fire department is were he works but he works home games for virginia tech football. So i’m sitting here wishing the football game was over. Plus I do not even like football just my dad and brother.



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What I like

I like…..

Reading the warriors series. Playing with my dog. Jumping on the trampoline. Peting my cats. Doing school. Playing with my freinds. Having sleep overs. sleeping. Going to Dollywood. Going to church. Hanging upsidedown on my monkeybars. Drawing. Painting what I draw. Doing ballet. Collecting beanie baby’s. Watching girl meets world. And that is it.


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