This weekend I had two dance recitals and one dance rehearsal. Friday we had the rehearsal, Saturday we did group dances, and Sunday we did solo’s. I don’t know if any of you know the song that I did my solo to it is called YouSay by Lauren Daigle. If you know the song please feel free to comment down below and tell me. My sister danced to Flares she forgot who it is by though, next year I want to do Reckless Love by Cory Asbury. Yet again if you know the song feel free to comment down below, And if you have a different idea tell me! I would love to hear your suggestions! The person that comes up with the best song I will ask my dance teacher if we can dance to it as a group! So please do leave good song suggestions down in the comments! I bet my dance teacher would love to hear gospel like songs! Bye for today!


Almost punctured both of my shoulders!

Saturday night I had a friend spend the night with me. Sunday she went to church with me after church we came back home we had a lot of fun! We are both dancers and so we wanted to make up a dance together and while we were doing so I fell and landed on my shoulder and almost punctured it!

The next day (Monday) I went to acro and I had to do a back shoulder roll, so I did it on the shoulder that wasn’t injured every one had to do a back shoulder roll in a circle and when we did I was in the back every one was pushing me to the back of the mat I did my shoulder roll but my shoulder was on the edge of t he mat and my shoulder just slipped right off the mat and I slammed it on the hard wood floor and almost punctured it!

Today (Tuesday) Both of my shoulders are really purple and all bruised up and you can see where I almost had them punctured.


I am going to Williamsburg next week for a home school field trip. For those of you who don’t know what Williamsburg is, it is a history place where you can do things that people did back in historic times, like Ox rides and other fun and cool things we will be staying for a week from Monday through Friday! It will be so much fun! Of course I will tell you guy’s and girls about it when I get back!

















uch fun! I cannot wait!

what happend when I picked out a fish,

Thursday, 2-21-19, this is a true story.

On Thursday I picked out a fish. When I picked out my fish she was fat, I asked the owner ” why is she fat?”  The owner replied “she is pregnant.” I asked “when will she have her baby’s?” The owner replied “a week or two.” I got super exited to have baby fish in the fish tank.

Saturday, 2-23-19.

This very morning she had her baby fishies. I named the mom tango because she had a tango looking tail and a translucent body! The baby fish are still alive and cute but not big enough to tell what color the baby’s are.

a lot of things I do

So every day I like to make up my own dances it is really fun sometimes I show them off but most of the time I only show off to my stuffed animals. They don’t make fun of me, they don’t say I stink, But they do pay attention. If you fell like you can do something do it just like i went for ballet and acro. It wasn’t easy for me to fit in until I moved from level 1 to level 2 I completely skipped level 1 plus! It was the best day of my life because ever sense then I had friends at ballet. Then a couple years later I joined acro, acro is fun because I can just get my energy out by tumbling. Tumbling is really all acro is me and my friends love it! So if you want to try something I say you go for it. Even if its soccer, football, Baseball, softball, Tenness, or any thing you want just go for it and most of all don’t give up!

What I do on Wednesday’s

7:00 am

At around 7:00 I wake up and get breakfast. Then I go and get ready for the day.


At 8:30 I start school. I really like to start with math I am in fifth grade so I do fifth grade math. Math is some times hard and not fun, But some times easy and really fun.


At nine I am usually done and some times I am still working on school. Since I am homeschooled I get to do what ever I want when I am done. Another thing I love about being homeschooled is that we get season passes to dolly wood so we get go a lot during the summer.

Any way every thing else is really boring so I am going to end know bye-bye!